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Today, the former spy is the absolute number one of the pakistani Nuclear Program and treated accordingly. With his famely he lives an a villa in a luxury area reserved for diplomats, he has a chauffered limousine an d he is guarded as if he is the ruler of the whole Asia. Whoever tries to approach him in Block F-8 or gives the impression of wanting to go in that direction, has suffered the consequences.
Not so verry long ago two members of the french Embassy were driving around the area to look at the interiors of historically interesting buildings, so they claimed. But they never go that far. Near the Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Research (unofficially called the Abdoel Quadeer Khan-laboratory) they were stopped by a group of Pakistanis, who in no uncertain terms informed the frenchmen that they had stepped far beyond the boundaries of hospitality. The Pakistani Government apologised for the incident by way of its Ambassador in Paris, but that didn't alter the meaning of the message: foreigners should keep away from Kahuta and all that was kept hidden there.
A few months after this incident the English journalist Chris Sherwell found out to his cost that Pakistan did indeed not want any intruders. The Englishman, who was reporting for the Financial Times, wanted an exclusive with the mysterious Abdoel Khan. Bij using every trick in the book he succeeded in getting through to Khan's driveway. But that was as far he got. As soon as he had parked his car, he was rushed by six men in civil clothes, who, without asking any question, dragged Sherwell out of the car and hit him where they could hit him. Badly injured the journalist ended up in hospital. But even there he was not left in peace; at first the authorities threatened to prosecute and then he was deported as an undesirable alien, altough he could hardly stand on his own two legs.

Between 1976 and 1988, when Pakistan due to the thorough work of a superspy could stand up against India, Abdoel Khan mainly received people from whom he had nothing to fear or who wished him well. One of these regular visitors was his former tutor at the Catholic Universety of Leuven ( Belgium), Prof. Dr. M.J. Brabers.
"Abdoel", said the Professor recently, "behaves like an ordinary famelyman. He enjoys cooking and gardening and he loves looking after his wife and his two adorable children".
This indicates that Khan is now leading a normal life and is enjoying his well-earned rest after have done his bit. Nothing is further from the truth. Abdoel Quadeer Khan still is the pivot on wich the Pakistani process of nuclear awakening hinges. He doesn't do the dirty work anymore. A man in his position has others who do that for him; they are pawns he moves across the chessboard of the world. Also to Holand.
However,it seems that sometimes he just cannot help himself to become involvd in important matters. Unconformed rumour has it, for instance, that he stayed at the Kurhaus Hotel in Scheveningen under an assumed name in March of last year. There he received belgians, germans …….. and Dutchmen who might be able to help his country.
It seems incredible, but Khan had proved his daring earlier. Beside, he never completly cut his ties with Holland. When safely back in Pakistan, he had come to the conclusion that he had overplayed his hand with the photografer Frits Veerman and that he could not longer count on any reaction from that quarter. He then leafed through his old adress-book and contacted former tutors, colleagues, fellow-students and friends. Some of them took the bait for all sorts of different reasons
Khan's charm and strong arguments certainly were two of those reasons. Whatever, Frits Veerman wasn't the only Dutschman who had been enlisted to help Khan, nor did the Dutch contribution to the ambitious pakistani project end after the official enquiry and Khan's subsequent conviction and discharge.
There were actually only two differences between the active and the passive spy Khan: his boss, premier Bhoetto, had been executed for high treason and had been replaced by Zia-ul-Haq; and secondly Khan now operated by remote control. Apart from that nothing had changed. Pakistan still had to get hold of the Bomb at all cost.


Abdoel Kahn

But that couldn't be arranged within 24 hours. It would take time. The Dutchmen who, knowing or unwittingly, had helped Khan, all stemmed from the period the Pakistani studied at the institute of technology in Delft. There was his old tutor Prof. Dr. W.G. Burgers, under whose tutorship Khan graduated in Metallurgy. Then there were the engineers Langstraat and Slebos. Langstraat had left the institute in 1966, and had later entered the FDO, where he ……………

Frits Veerman


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